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I am fond of using cannabis. Sometimes I smoke weed in excess, and this happens when I am out with friends, having some fun, and sometimes I have to use it for medicinal purposes. Some days ago, I came across bestpot, and I was told that this company sells varying varieties of pot at reasonable costs. The goal of this company is to deliver high-quality cannabis products right at the customers’ doorsteps, and this is done within two to three business days, depending on the geographical location of a buyer. Compared to other Canadian companies that sell pot on the web, this one is a legit company and gives complete money back guarantee.

What can we find about them on the internet?  Is legit?

It’s safe to say that the internet is full of pot sellers, especially in Canada there are many of them who claim to be the best. However, anyone who wants to buy weed at reasonable costs should come to The reason for this is that the company is reputed and provides its customers with a range of products to choose from. Amazingly, everything comes at reasonable prices, and it is a legally operating company, which means no risks are involved with buying cannabis from

What do they sell?

At, customers can have cannabis, edibles, and CBD according to their choices and expectations. Some of the best options are Afgoo aka Afgooey, Vanilla Kush, Pink Lemonade, Banana Kush, Bubble Gum, Purple Chemo, Blackwater, Hindu Kush, Tuna Kush, Fruity Pebbles, Green Crack God, and Mango Haze. You would be amazed to know that the prices are always reasonable, and these mainly depend on the quantity and product type you order. For example, if you are looking to buy death bubba, it will cost you CAD 10.50. This particular strain has originated from British Columbia and is best known for soothing one’s nerves.

Here are some products:

The prices and discount programs:

If you are looking for an online dispensary where loyalty programs or discount offers are made available, then is the right kind of store for you. This company has a large number of customers. Currently, it is delivering its products in Canada only and in order to cater to more and more people and to keep the clients engaged, they have provided with huge discount offers. If you are one of their customers and want to join a loyalty program, then you can get in touch to know more about how to get started.

The shipping process:

In order to get your cannabis product delivered at your doorstep, it is essential for you to provide correct details such as the name of the person who is going to receive the package and the appropriate or correct postal address. Shipments are done within two to three business days, and as the company is reliable, you do not have to worry if it gets a little late as receives hundreds to thousands of orders every day.

My user personal experience with this site:

My experience with the site and customer support has been great. James, a customer support manager has been very helpful. As I already mentioned, I love buying cannabis once or twice a week, and I am never ready to compromise on the quality. One of my friends told me that this was a trustworthy company and that the product would be delivered right on time. I had to buy cannabis or certain strains for some of my cousins, so I went to this store, navigated through different web pages, added some things to my cart and confirmed the order.

Honestly speaking, I was hesitating in the beginning as I did not know whether the order would actually be delivered to me or not. However, when the third business day passed, the doorbell rang, and my order was waiting for me. This gave me a lot of happiness and moments of joy, and my trust in best pot was built the same moment. When I opened the pack, I actually got what I wanted. It doubled my joys, and I ran to my cousins whom I had promised that they would get a big surprise from my side this weekend. I am thankful to bestpot for saving me and for helping me get what I have always dreamed of. I would surely recommend this company to my cousins who buy cannabis regularly, just like me.

Final thoughts about the service:

With these things in mind, it will now be easy for anyone to decide whether bestpot should be their choice or not. For me, it is like a blessing as I have always received my order on time and there has never been any compromise on the quality. Regular customers are also provided with specific gift certificates, which are emailed to them when the payment of a particular order has been made.

Fred Jason.

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