Buying online has its perks

Convenience is a key

Starting from July of this year, Canadians are going to have the chance for the first time to order their weed for recreational purposes. In the past, only patients that have been prescribed the healing medication could get their hands on marijuana, at least legally. Whichever the case, users have the chance to order their weed from credible suppliers online, with a great variety and exceptional services. There are a number of advantages of ordering weed from online stores and among them is the fact that, they offer the best level of convenience anyone would ask for. If you are like me, then you understand that convenience is the basis for business. You do not have to dress up, worry about travelling long distances to get that specific strain. It is not just for people that do not want the hustle either, there is also those that are physically challenged, or patients who cannot move around freely. Online shopping makes it all easier to get the perfect product right in the comfort of your sofa, office desk or even in your bed.

Variety at your comfort

There is also the variety element to consider where the online stores offer a wide variety of weed. The local dispensers typically will limit their stock to what is moving in that particular area. With an online store, there is a wide variety to match the wide customer base. It is important to consider the element of comparison that is much easier with online shopping.

Hustle free comparison

Physically walking into the stores and comparing their merchandize takes massive resources. With the online stores, you simply have to look through the websites, check through the customer ratings and comments and pick out the best store that works for you.

Pocket friendly prices

Typically, online stores also have the best prices, relative to the fact that they stock in bulk and serve very many customers and as such can afford to spread their profits quite thin.

No one has to know

Most importantly, all these can be done discretely. No one has to know about your medical condition or better still, your subtle pleasures. Online shops do discrete packaging that is designed to fit in with the rest of the packages.

The Shipping

Online services have gotten quite convenient, over the years. Most of the stores will run several routes and use multiple subcontractors along with their own transport services to get the products to their customers. Depending on the distance between the client and the distributor, products tend to arrive in a span of between one and three days. This makes online services quite convenient regardless of where in Canada one lives. More importantly, with the online services some of the distributors will have customized services, for an extra dollar where they can get the products much quicker to your door step, faster than the estimated time. This particularly quite important, especially where the weed is designed for a client with a medical condition.

The Pit Falls

Trippy services

Although there are a myriad of pros associated with ordering weed online, there are pitfalls associated with it and some are not pleasant at all. One of the most common pitfalls is the level of services offered. While there are sites that offer quality services and genuine reviews, there is a host of others that do not.


Some will be involved in financial malpractices, where they steal from their customers. Customers pay for products that never get delivered. The quality of what is delivered is also quite crucial, especially where the customers are not well versed with the strains.

The quality maze

Some shops will skimp on the quality and even the quantity of the products that they bring their customers. Given the fact that, the level of regulation in Canada is rather sketchy, buying online is like walking into a maze. Customers are never sure of the services to expect. It is important to consider the element of quality when buying online. Ideally, with a physical store, the customers are able to smell and actually look at the strains as they choose among the ones available and what they are looking for. This way one is able to ascertain the quality of the product that they are buying. In the case of buying weed online, one has to trust that the vendors will bring them the best quality. At the same time they have to trust that they will get exactly what they ordered.

Registration is key

There is also the element of legal registration of the vendors. It is not easy for customers to ascertain if the vendors that they are buying from is registered. This means that, if they are illegally selling the weed, the customers can also be pulled into some legal issues which could easily tarnish their namesand even have charges against them as well. That said, it raises the level of risk especially considering the vendors now have the customers address. This poses a chain of concerns that are better of solved with a quick trip to the trusted vendor and getting the right product with only the hustle of driving there. It is a small price to pay compared to, illegal dealers, poor quality, theft and inadequate measures.

Points to Consider

The website

Buying weed online as seen from the pitfalls above, can be a daunting task. However, it is also established that, this can turn out to be the most incredible experience. However, how does one stay safe when navigating the sea of sellers and telling the difference between the crooks from the legit dealers? There are a number of elements that one can consider and they will help in establishing the right sellers to buy from and avoid the crooks. One of the first telltale sign is the quality of the website. Anyone can put together a website these days with all the tools available online, however, for those that are looking to offer their customers the very best, they will invest in a quality website. By a quality website, this is means that, the content is well laid out for the consumers to interact with. However, the sellers go an extra mile and make sure that they also offer their clients quality information about the various strains. This is information that users need when making their choices on what products they would want and need. It is also important that, other than the products there are other services and information offered on the site, such as chat, contact information, location and even a background on the founders.  With a shady website that simply lists out products and prices and making the cheap promises, this is the first giveaway.

Customer insight

The other element to look out for is the customers’ reviews. Before buying anything online, the rule of thumb dictates that, buyers should do their research thoroughly into the sellers. Looking through the customer reviews, it is easy to identify websites that are legit and those that are simply fronting crooked operation. Other customers will have insights on what to expect and this prepares new customers. Websites that do not have customer reviews are simply, a platform for fraudsters and crooks looking to defraud their customers that are gullible enough to buy into their marketing strategies.

Know your strains

Talking about research, other than getting all the information that you can on the vendors you are buying from, it is also important to look into what you want. Like any shopping experience, it is important to understand the product that you want to buy. This means thorough research into the different strains and their impacts on the body. For medical purposes, for example, getting the wrong strain could easily complicate the health problem or the symptoms. This can be a rather unpleasant experience and as such, getting to know the product also means that, you are able to assess what you get and immediately establish if it of the right standard and more importantly strain.

License andregistration

Like a car dealership, buying weed is only safe when it is done from a seller that is registered with Health Canada. This way you are sure that it is not only quality products, but they are selling products that have been tested. For health purposes, for example, buying products that have not been tested is a risky affair and one that may jeopardize one’s health. This is not to say that it is safe for those taking it for recreational purposes. It is important to take care of your body and checking for registration is one of the ways.

You will thank us later

Using our simple guide, it is easier for the customers to find what they want online and more importantly, find the right products for them. It pays to do a little research on what it is, one wants to buy and with this guide, you now know what is important to start your journey to buying quality weed online. Stay safe.

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